Why is Adrenal Fatigue Missed by Traditional Doctors?

Adrenal fatigue has been around since the 1900’s, but traditional medicine is not acquainted with the condition because is not easily diagnosed with standard blood tests. Regular blood tests are to determine or detect absolutes such as Addison’s disease which is an absolute deficiency of adrenal hormones.  High levels of adrenal hormones can also be found by blood tests and this is Cushing’s disease.

The standard test used adrenal function is going to recognize extremes of underproduction or overproduction of adrenal hormones.  Adrenal fatigue sufferers can test within the normal ranges – not in the high-highs or the low-lows – and still have adrenal hormone levels low enough to cause adrenal fatigue. 

Traditional medicine isn’t taught the consequence of low adrenal function, and when adrenal levels show in the “normal range”, and the operative word is “range” of standard blood testing, the patient is considered normal even while the symptoms are clear indicators of adrenal fatigue. 

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