Does Death Seem to Stalk You?

For millions who suffer with adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, it can feel that way. These syndromes are thought of by many as phantom illnesses or polite euphemisms for psychological problems, but they are physical and very real. Jennifer has experienced adrenal fatigue and now exposes the truth through her own journey of pain and triumph over this devastating syndrome.

The search for solutions can be long and lonely when met with skepticism of traditional medicine and the raised brows of doubters. Jennifer encourages patients to persevere and take back their lives from these haunting, elusive ailments. Learn about the challenges of finding a correct diagnosis, patient empowerment, solutions and overcoming symptoms, how your metabolic threshold affects your well-being, and much more. Jennifer is proof that you can regain your life and live again with energy and happiness.

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